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zondag 13 december 2015


ARTWORK ©AngeBrands...All rights reserved
Credits.....Wonderful materials
 Foxeysquirrel /Teddi Rutschman 
G&T designs / Gracie Tracy 

4 opmerkingen:

Sim zei

This is beautiful!!
I love the awesome elements jostling together in the very center of the image.

(Thank you so much for your lovely comments Ange! :)
(I'm never very sure of my English, sorry...)
(I'm following you! :)

Ange zei

Thank You so much for your comment & compliment

You are welcome...Your LO are very Beautiful.
And your englisch is very good.
Thank You for following me.
Hugs Ange xx

Deann zei

What a beautiful collage wonderful work.

Ange zei

Thank You so much Deann